Our Class Offerings

We specialise in bringing yoga to Organisations, Workplaces, Private Individuals and Groups with our MOBILE STUDIO (face to face) and ONLINE (Zoom).

Classes in our Nicholls Studio

No classes will be taught from our Nicholls Studio during 2021. We may reintroduce in-studio classes in future. Join or stay on our mailing list to stay up to date.

Private / Corporate / Workplace Classes


Contact us to enquire about organising a ONE-OFF or REGULAR face-to-face private individual or group yoga class for yourself, your family/friends or your organisation / workplace. Private classes are tailored to your specifications and can start anytime during the year. We can bring face to face yoga & meditation classes to you with our TTY Mobile Studio. Until ACT government advises otherwise, face-to-face classes will be limited to adhere to the 1 person per 4 sqm rule, or, if the client/venue can provide the Check in CBR App, 1 person per 2 sqm.


Online classes for Private Individual Clients and Organisations are tailored to your specifications and can start anytime during the month. They are live-streamed and can go for anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

This option will suit people and groups who don’t wish to attend face-to-face classes with our Mobile Studio but still want personalised, tailor-made class with live interaction with their teacher. Class sizes are limited to 100 participants.

We cater also to NDIS clients, Frontline Workers, people living with PTSD and their carers. To learn more about Private / Corporate /Workplace yoga click HERE

Private Class (one on one)

Private Class (couples)

Groups/Corporate/Workplace Yoga

Starting from $70 per class

Starting from $100 per class

Starting from $170 per class


To read about how we are making our classes COVID-SAFE click HERE.


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