Summer’s End Yoga Festival, 5-6 March 2016

Saturday 5 March, 7am-8.30pm & Sunday 6 March, 7am-8.30pm
Greenhills Centre, Murrumbidgee River, Stromlo, ACT

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Building on the success of last year’s pioneering event (the Canberra Yoga Conference 2015) this year’s Summer’s End Yoga Festival Extended brought together a variety of local and national yoga practitioners and talented teachers for a weekend of creating connections in our diverse yoga community. Extended to two days and in a new venue at the Greenhills Centre amidst the picturesque Brindabella mountains, the festival was a wonderful opportunity to share all that is good about yoga, health and wellness and reminded us of the joy a yoga practice can bring and how it deepens our connection with ourselves and those around us.  The festival received glowing reports from attendees and also valuable feedback on how it can be even further improved in future years.

In addition to providing Sponsorship for the event, Tidy Temple Yoga contributed with no less than 5 Presenters, including:

Jay Ginnivan
A fun and invigorating Vinyasa style class, taught through the Baptiste Methodology, which left people feeling inspired, clear and empowered to take on their lives. Participants learned to link breath and movement together and observed the spirit of UNITY with team/partner yoga. After flowing and moving our bodies the session moved on to the floor for hip openers and finished off with meditation for balance of both body and mind.

Jen Brown
Class: Creative Sequencing
A class for people seeking new inspiration to spice up a home practice or classes. Starting off with a brief lecture and quick vinyasa routine to inspire creative juices, participants split into groups in order to create their own sequences which integrated a set of key poses. Groups then took to the stage and shared their routines with the class.

Class: Power & Grace
The class encouraged particpants to blend the power of an athlete and the grace of a ballerina by combining slow powerful movements with more graceful balances. Each pose was introduced in stages so that participants could always choose gentler variations according to level of ability and energy.

Kristin Erlandson-Ginnivan
Class: Playful Group Yoga
The class encouraged people to bring out their inner child as we connected and moved in a vibrant, playful and meditative vinyasa flow to a carefully selected playlist of party tunes guaranteed to get endorphins releasing and “asana” moving! Drawing inspiration from some of her favourite teachers and yoga styles, this class was fun, meditative and a great team building exercise.  Starting off with a “human mandala” sequence incorporating pranayama, floor postures, standing and balancing postures, followed by a Mexican wave which ultimately took us back to the floor and into Savasana.

Rob Ginnivan
Lecture: Mindfulness dissolves Post Traumatic Stress
An enlightening lecture combined with elements of meditation and mindfulness living techniques to help people who have been affected by Post Traumatic Stress, carers and family members. The class equipped attendees with a skill for life to help dissolve darkness and encourage living with a joyful energetic body, a restful reflective mind, effortless spontaneity, a loving compassionate heart, and a lightness of Being not burdened by Past and Future.

Class: Commando Power Asana
A faster flowing ‘soldier body movement’ style asana practice. Physically demanding, mentally challenging and designed to take you to new frontiers. Test yourself and be awakened to new possibilities in true Baptiste Power Yoga style.

Rob also contributed an article for the Festival Magazine: “Body Movement + Mind Stillness = Body Awareness & Mind Space”

Sergei Lobov
Class: Project 50/50
The class consisted of 30 minutes of Yoga followed by 30 minutes of meditation. Both methods, very powerful tools to improve your well-being, increase physical and emotional health, and bring joy to your life. Interflowing Yoga and Meditation empowers the two methods in order to be more focused, aware and open.

Bianca Gautama attended the full festival and photographed many of the sessions.