“I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed the classes at Tidy Temple, you have ignited a real joy for yoga in me, my fitter body and quieter mind thanks you! ”

Sharon – July 2018


“ Thank you again for all your support of Soldier On.  Your approach and support of those that attend is fantastic and I really enjoy going to the classes as I know others do as well.  Can’t thank you enough for giving up your time for the betterment of others. ”



John Bale – CEO andfounder

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and love through Purna Yoga tonight. We are so grateful!”

“Attending classes at Tidy Temple Yoga has been a feeing experience. After many years of pain and trying all sorts of things I am now able to move more freely and feel more strength; along with a shift happening on a deeper level. I’m learning a lot from all of you; from the intention you put into your teaching as well as from your sharing of personal experiences. So a big thank you / Namaste to all of you! .”

Saskia, July 2017

“Thanks for your awesome classes! Feeling SO good after them! Magic in the air in your studio lol! ”

Joyce – July 2014

“I just love the classes at Tidy Temple Yoga and will be trying to slot more classes into my week – just brilliant on so many levels, thank you! ”

Sonya – April 2014

“ Thank you, your class was amazing and set me up for the rest of the week feeling great. I look forward to many classes with Tidy Temple Yoga! ”

Faith – Feb 2014


“ The teachers at Tidy Temple Yoga have been able to consistently and effectively re-energise and inspire the staff at lunchtime with their invigorating yoga sequences and life philosophies. We highly recommend any workplace consider Tidy Temple Yoga to better the well-being of their employees. ”

“ As yoga is a universal language, Tidy Temple Yoga have been able to positively influence the mind and body of the international expatriate community here in Canberra through a diverse range of styles. ”