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In keeping with current ACT guidelines we are reintroducing face-to-face (F2F) classes with our MOBILE STUDIO and in our NICHOLLS STUDIO.  Class sizes will depend on the size of the venue, and will adhere to the 1 person per 4sqm rule.  We will continue to offer Online Livestream Classes for individuals and groups of all sizes, and we also cater to NDIS clients, Frontline Workers, people living with PTSD and their carers.

To organise  a regular or one-off private Live-streamed Online Class at your home, workplace or other venue of your choice  Contact Us today.

Private & Corporate / Workplace
Yoga & Mindfulness/Meditation Classes

Experience private yoga/meditaton classes for yourself, your family/friends or your workplace. Catering to all ages and abilities, Tidy Temple Yoga’s Private Yoga/Meditation classes provide you with an opportunity to deepen your understanding and foundation of yoga practice through quality one on one or group private tuition. More so than our regular community classes, you will receive additional in depth, personalised tips and tools in yoga poses, breathing and overall alignment tailored towards your body and current condition/state of health or group goal. 

1 ON 1 PRIVATE YOGA In the early days of yoga spanning back to ancient India – Yoga was originally taught as a one teacher, one student practice that built strength, vitality and ease in all cylinders of life. In 1 on 1 Private Yoga tuition – you will receive personalised guidance geared towards achieving your own physical and mental goals – whether it be working with and through injuries/conditions to just deepening your overall practice, 1 on 1 Private Yoga is the perfect opportunity to have your individual needs and goals met through private tuition by one of our experienced teachers.

PRIVATE GROUP YOGA & MEDITATION Provides the opportunity for you to share the practice of yoga with friends, family or team-mates that either already have or are considering trying yoga. Private Group Yoga differentiates itself from community group classes in that it is  taught to your own groups goal, whether it be basic introduction to yoga, family teamwork/bonding, partner yoga, kids yoga or dynamic strength building. 

CORPORATE YOGA & MEDITATION is an empowering experience that will spark leadership, unity and growth in your office/workplace through challenging and fun yoga sequences and team-building exercises or an introduction to mindfulness/meditation history and practices. In order to move projects and careers forwards, we must first move our body and still our mind to function at clear, intentional and optimum levels in the workforce and corporate environment.

Tidy Temple Yoga can bring the practice of yoga and meditaton/mindfulness to your venue or workplace of choice around Canberra with the Tidy temple Yoga Mobile Studio.

Whether it is a one-off team building exercise or a regular class we can tailor-make a themed class of varying lengths and styles (ranging from slow and restorative to fast and physically demanding) physical yoga OR meditation/mindfulness classes (seated on bolsters/mats or in office chairs) to suit your needs and budget and our TTY Mobile Studio will bring any required props to a venue of your choice.

Bringing yoga and meditation/mindfulness classes to you offers a personalized experience in your own environment at your own time, in your own way.